Foods That We Love But Our Teeth Hate

We all know the drill: It’s usually the best foods that are bad for our health or bad for our teeth! The worst, of course, is anything with a lot of acid and sugar. In order to help you ensure that you are not putting poison in your mouth near your beloved pearls, we’ve come up with a helpful list so you know what to stay away from. Okay, we know you are human and will indulge, but just know these are some things that the tooth fairy won’t be too thrilled about:

Good and bad food for your teeth:

  1. Carbs: We love carbs just like the rest of the world, but all carbohydrates do is turn into sugar. And we all know what sugar does to our teeth.
  2. Ice: We know ice isn’t a food, but let’s face it, some people have an ice cube addiction. Just think of biting into a rock: That’s basically what you are doing, and that will not end well.
  3. Energy drinks: We know the feeling: It’s 3 p.m. and you are dying slowly inside for some energy. The fact is, energy drinks cause more acid damage to your teeth than sodas. Stay away!
  4. Dried fruit: We love it, too! Even though we think we are making a healthy choice, dried fruit is filled with sugar, too. We are not telling you to totally dump dried fruit, just decrease your intake.

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