Going to the dentist isn’t your weekly trip to the grocery store. Sometimes, it takes a few trips to find the perfect dentist for us. Of course, the nerves start kicking in when we are prompted to sit in the chair, and then the magic happens. Every dentist wants to provide a service to ensure all your dental needs are met. They’re here to help! The more the patient is prepared and ready to go, the better for the dentist and the staff! To ease the minor tension patients have, we’ve compiled a list of things that dentists wish we knew. Some are minor, some are no-brainers, and some are just necessary to know if you have teeth!


  1. No Lipstick, Please
    Ladies, we know your lipstick is essential in life. We get it, but take off your lipstick before you see your dentist. Your dentist isn’t fascinated by which Kat Von D lipstain you just purchased. They are worried about the magic behind the lips.


  1. Two Minutes Every Time
    If you brush for a minute, that’s not enough. A proper brushing regimen consists of two minutes of proper brushing technique twice a day (google modified-bass technique). Technique is more important than time! So, take your time and be sure those pearls are shining!


  1. Oral Health is Key to Overall Health
    Your mouth plays an important role in determining if you’re healthy. If you can run a marathon, that’s great, but it doesn’t exactly mean you are healthy from head to toe. Having gum disease increases your chances of having a stroke or heart attack. Don’t neglect it!


  1. Problems Aren’t Caused by Sugar Alone
    You don’t just get cavities from sugar. If your diet is off and you’re not eating a colorful assortment of healthy food, this can lead to cavities or gum disease, too. Remember to always brush, floss and use mouthwash in order to prevent cavities.