There are a lot of bacteria living in our mouths. How many? Harvard researchers say that in any given month, the number of bacteria that live in one mouth can easily exceed the number of people who live on Earth! It’s been estimated that there are over 100 million bacteria in every milliliter of saliva, representing more than 600 different species. No mouthwash on the planet can get rid of them all!

Our mouths are filled with bacteria because they are ideal places for microbes to dwell. Everything in our mouths is damp and slick, staying a constant, steamy temperatures of 95 degrees. The microbes 100-percent humidity induced by our saliva, and they eat a lavish diet of sugar and other carbohydrates. The bacterial environment in our mouths is so lush and varied, it’s almost like a rainforest for microbes!

Unless there are open wounds or cuts inside your mouth, most mouth-dwelling bacteria can’t hurt you. Some are swallowed and are killed by stomach enzymes; others die when they are attacked by enzymes in saliva. However, mouth bacteria are also responsible for some of the most common bacterial diseases in humans: gum disease and tooth decay. Bacteria produce plaque, a sticky surface coating that can damage your teeth and gums. Gas-emitting bacteria on the tongue and below the gum line are also largely responsible for chronic bad breath.

The good news is that you can manage and control the bacteria in your mouth with proper oral care. Brushing after meals and flossing at least once per day can eliminate the source of food for harmful bacteria, which can keep them from reproducing in your mouth. Antibacterial mouthwash can also be used to keep your oral bacteria at a harmless level.

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