What is enamel to begin with? Enamel is a highly mineralized and the hardest substance on our body. The enamel covers the outer layer of your teeth. The most important thing to know about enamel is that it takes care of your teeth and once you ruin your enamel it’s gone forever. Unlike bones, hair and tissue, our bodies don’t produce more enamel, because enamel has no living cells. Therefore, it is extremely important that you protect your enamel from eroding. So, make sure you are avoiding harmful foods that will cause your enamel to erode forever. Here are some foods that will harm your enamel. Remember, enamel is responsible for the color of your teeth and has an important job to protect your teeth.

Lemons/Lemonade: Lemons are essential in your water totally understandable. Lemons also have a high amount of acid that will tremendously destroy your teeth.

Sugary drinks: Of course the good stuff! Sugary drinks such as sodas and cocktails are packed with tons of sugar! The sugar breaks down and then weakens your enamel. The diet drinks are just as bad. Soda water can be substituted and won’t harm your enamel.

Peanut butter & Jelly: The high sugar content in all three ingredients are especially bad. Because the jelly and peanut butter are so sticky the sugar automatically sticks to the enamel and it’s easier for the sneaky bacteria to stick.

Vinegar: You normally never get the impression that vinegar is bad for your enamel, but surprisingly the vinegar causes enamel erosion. This includes all those movie pickles you indulge in and the lovely low calorie vinaigrette salad dressings.

Spaghetti Sauce: I know. What? Yes, it’s not just red wine that stains your teeth. Marinara sauce if you are an avid spaghetti goer slow down on the sauce. The sauce will stain your enamel just like the other good stuff, wine.

Citrus fruits: This includes limes, lemons (mentioned) and grapefruits all have a high acid count. As much as you love to indulge just remember the acid is extremely harmful to your precious enamel.