When you think of getting cavities it’s an automatic negative statement. No one wants to have cavities, but not all people take the simple precautions to avoid getting cavities. Cavities are simply the damage of your tooth causing a deep hole that evenly will be bothersome. Cavities are of course caused by the sugary foods you eat and drink. Sugar turns into bacteria, which turns into plaque on your teeth, which eventually causes cavities. Children, teens and adults are all prone to getting cavities, but as long as you take care of your dental oral health you should have no worries. But, just in case here are a few tips to avoid getting cavities:


  • Brush your teeth twice a day. You’ve heard this before but it’s vital that you partake in the proper cleaning daily.
  • Floss everyday. When you floss you are taking away bacteria (food particles) that stays in your teeth that leads to cavities. Most people avoid flossing when it realistically takes 1-2 minutes of your day.
  • Try to avoid sugary drinks and food. If you have to indulge just brush your teeth right after to get rid of the left over sugar in your mouth.
  • Eat nutritious meals. Eating the right balanced foods will help you and never hurt your teeth.
  • Most important make sure you are visiting your dentist at least every 6 months. Teeth cleanings and oral examinations will ensure your pearls are up to par.