Great Hygiene habits for your children

As adults you all know how important your hygiene habits are and the effects of not having good hygiene. These are learned habits that of course took awhile to get a grasp of. Now that you’ve entered the parenting world it’s vital that you pass down the hygiene habits to your children. Here are a couple tips to help guide you and your children.

Tip 1: Explain to your children what exactly hygiene is and the importance of great habits. Make it interesting so that they want to brush their teeth. Starting habits at a young age will stay with them forever.

Tip 2: Make it fun! Brush with your children. Children love to do what adults do. Incorporate brushing your teeth and flossing in a way that makes them want to participate.

Tip 3: Show them what will happen if they don’t brush. You don’t want to scare them, but show them how necessary oral health care is.

Tip 4: Make your children excited about going to the dentist. Trips to the dentist can be worrisome for some children, but if the parent excites them about this special trip they will love when its time for a dentist trip.