Studies have shown that a straighter smile is a healthier smile. Each tooth sits on an imaginary plane that is called an occlusal plane. A table requires four legs to be stable in order to use and place objects on it. Instead of four legs, the occlusal plane requires twenty-eight teeth to be stable!

When we have mal-alignment of our teeth, they do not contact and match each other evenly when we bite down. Many times, we do not notice the effects of an uneven occlusal plane until late in life, because the problems of mal-alignment require time to present themselves. Also, when teeth are not properly aligned, our ability to effectively brush and floss our teeth dramatically decreases. That can increase our risk of periodontal disease. From invisalign in pearland tx to houston we are the dentist who will change your smile for the better. In Pearland TX invisalign has become extremely popular, with career driven clients wanting to change their smiles without the appearance of braces.

Invisalign can be a great option to straighten your teeth if there is a mal-alignment issue. Invisalign is a gentle, nearly undetectable way to straighten and align teeth without braces. A thorough consultation is the first step if you feel that there is mal-alignment of your teeth. Call Discover Dental today for Invisalign Pearland tx, Invisalign Pearland and Houston to get started!