Simple Do’s of Brushing

Brushing your teeth is the key ingredient to a perfect smile. Knowing the proper do’s for brushing your teeth may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes we learn habits that are not as correct as we thought. We want to ensure that simple duties such as brushing your teeth the correct way are the least of your worries. To better assist you, we’ve come up with simple do’s to remember. Some you may know, but some might just shock you.
  •  Do brush your teeth slowly in circles or ovals angling the bristles into the gums brushing one or two teeth at a time.
  • Do not brush your teeth as if you are brushing one big tooth.  This is what usually causes gum recession.  The most common task that majority of us do incorrectly.  
  • Do make sure you get all the spots. Outside, inside, the chewing surfaces and most importantly, your tongue. 
  • Do make sure you have the correct toothpaste to get the job done. The most effective toothpaste is the one with fluoride. Be sure that your toothpaste can take care of all theimportant factors: cavities, plaque, tarter, enamel and most important bad breath. 
  • Do brush for the right amount of time. A common mistake that is repeated too often.Be sure to at least brush for two minutes. Some people like to rush or are in a hurrywhen it comes to brushing. Why? Take your time. 
  •  Do change your toothbrush often.  It’s recommended to change your toothbrush every3 months. Also, be sure to change out after being sick. 
  • Do floss. We see so many patients whom admit they don’t floss. Keep In mind whenyou don’t floss you’re allowing plaque to build up between the teeth and gums, which will lead to oral health complications.