Strong and Healthy Teeth Tips


We all want that gorgeous, white, and sparkling smile. We also want to ensure that our family takes part in obsessing over oral healthcare! It’s not all about having a perfect smile, but when you take care of the teeth, you have to take care of your insides, which is essentially most important, right? Here are some tips for a lifelong strong and healthy smile:


  • Start oral health care early. Children are bound to do what they see being done. Therefore, demonstrate proper oral care early and often for your kids.
  • Use fluoride. Fluoride strengthens our enamel. We like fluoride. Fluoride Is our friend!
  • Chew gum or rinse after meals. Brushing is best, but realistically, we don’t always have a brush in hand. Sugar-free gum helps to increase saliva, which washes bacteria away.
  • Ditch tobacco. The effects of tobacco are horrifying. We know you know to stay away. Tobacco increases risks of oral cancer and/or gum disease.
  • Visit your dentist. A routine exam is necessary to check in and make sure everything is healthy and beautiful.