The Benefits of Smiling

Smiling? Yes, there are some important roles that smiling plays into our lives. We smile at people we adore, strangers we meet, and sometimes at the baristas at Starbucks! Studies show that smiles are contagious. When you see someone smiling, that activates the area of your brain that controls facial movement, which then often leads us to flash a grin. Smiling is a beautiful characteristic that all people are capable of having. We compiled a list of the benefits of smiling that will help and educate you to smile more—or make someone else smile!


  1. Smiling makes you appear more attractive.
    When you are physically attracted to someone, one of the first things people say is, “I like your smile.” You don’t often hear, “I like your frown!” Smiling sends warm thoughts and lets the receiver know you are approachable and human.


  1. Smiling is great for your immune system.
    No, really! When you smile, your body creates white blood cells which help to fight illnesses.


  1. Smiling will help you feel more comfortable.
    Smiling can make you feel comfortable even when you feel like you are in an awkward situation. In other words, if you feel uncomfortable, just keep smiling!


  1. When you smile more you mood automatically improves.
    This is most important. You can almost always tell when someone is in a bad mood. You don’t ever want to be that person who others sense is in a bad mood! So, smile when you’re unhappy and release those wonderful endorphins that we all love so much.