Did you floss today?

The answer to that is probably no! The fact is people worry about brushing their teeth in the morning and at night and skip the main step to ensuring proper dental hygiene is in use. Dentists have said millions of times that the proper care for your teeth is to brush twice and floss once a day. Ensuring that you floss daily is beneficial to your oral health care and of course your smile. When you floss daily you are taking proper precaution to avoid gum diseases, tarter build up and halitosis, which is bad breath.  Here is a list of what happens when you choose not to floss.


  1. Halitosis: When you don’t floss you’re allowing tarter to build and letting food particles live in your mouth which leads to bad breath.


  1. Bleeding gums: When your gums start to bleed that isn’t normal. The signs of bleeding gums usually lead to gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontis.


  1. Cavities: Of course you don’t want cavities no one does. Sugary drinks/foods turn into bacteria that sit in your mouth. Then, over time your enamel is eroded which leads to tooth decay.


4.Tooth loss: When you don’t floss you let bacteria build up causing gum diseases which then leads to your gums pulling away from your teeth.


  1. For women expecting: When pregnant women don’t take care of their oral health care the bacteria can be absorbed into the blood stream of the mother and unborn child and have an effect causing a low birth rate.


  1. Yellow teeth: Most importantly when you choose not to floss you are affecting the whiteness of your teeth. When you floss daily you are removing bacteria build up that help maintain your teeth to look cleaner and of course whiter.