Aside from the occasional TV commercial, dentures are not often mentioned or discussed in public. There remains a stigma and shame associated with wearing dentures that most people prefer to avoid. The lack of honest and open conversation about dentures has allowed a number of myths to sprout up around false teeth. Perhaps the best-known is that George Washington, the first President of the United States, wore humble dentures made of wood. While Washington did, indeed, wear painful and cumbersome dentures, his status as one of the richest men in America actually afforded him the most advanced appliances available in his day—made of ivory, gold, and lead.


Ivory and lead certainly aren’t found in today’s dentures, and neither is wood. In comparison, Washington would have found modern dentures to be wonderfully comfortable and durable. That doesn’t mean that modern dentures have no flaws, however. Discussing them is an important part of revealing the truth about dentures! While many people believe that wearing a full set of dentures means you never have to go back to the dentist again, proper oral healthcare remains essential to keeping those dentures working properly.


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What are Dentures Made Of?


All sorts of substances have been used to craft dentures over the years, but today, nearly all of them are created using hard resin. This material is hard and natural-looking, but it’s much more fragile than your natural teeth. Dentures can be chipped, cracked, or broken if dropped or handled roughly, and they wear out over time. Most dentures should be replaced every five years or so.


Why Do People Wear Dentures?


For several reasons! First off, chewing is important. Dentures make it possible to continue eating foods that require chewing, ensuring proper nutrition and normal eating habits. Dentures also dramatically improve the appearance of a smile missing multiple teeth. What’s more, they also keep the structure of the mouth sound by supporting the structures around the cheeks and lips. Further, dentures offer a permanent, attractive replacement for teeth that are causing serious pain and oral health issues, including severely damaged teeth.


Are There Different Kinds of Dentures?


Yes! There are partial dentures, full sets of dentures, implant-supported dentures, temporary dentures, and more. If you’re considering dentures as an option, be sure to visit with a dentist to review your options before making a decision. You can book a dentures appointment at Discover Dental by clicking here!


The two most common kinds of dentures are partial dentures and full dentures. Partial dentures are typically used to replace some, but not all, of a patient’s teeth. Partial dentures are fitted to the part of the gum line that they will sit on and fasten to nearby natural teeth to keep them from falling out of place. They can be easily removed for cleaning. Full dentures replace all of the patient’s natural teeth. They can be held in place by suction and/or the help of an oral adhesive. Just like partial dentures, they are easily removable.


How Do You Clean Dentures?


No matter what kind of dentures you have, they will need to be cleaned daily, just like regular teeth. Even though dentures are made up of artificial teeth, bacteria, plaque, and tartar still build up on them and can harm existing teeth and gums. Don’t brush your dentures! Regular toothpaste is too abrasive for them. Instead, take your dentures out and rinse them, clean them with a soft brush, and soak them warm water overnight to avoid drying them out.


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