Before Your Dentist Appointment

You’ve had a long and hectic morning along with a never-ending week. We get it! You have a dentist appointment coming up, and that’s probably on your least of worries list. When we set up appointments, we do them because it’s needed. But not everyone is sure what to expect.Here are four things your doctor wants you to know before your next appointment.
4. If you’re expecting, that’s perfectly fine! Do not skip your dentist appointment. Truth is, with all the pregnancy hormonal changes, this can increase your risk of developing gum disease. X-rays are perfectly harmless after the first trimester unless otherwise indicated by your OB-GYN.  
3. Don’t cram for the test! That means, if you haven’t been flossing prior, there is no need to start making it up a couple days before your visit. Flossing when your normal routine doesn’t include it will irritate your gums and make your visit less comfortable. By the way, Dr. Tranknows when you don’t floss regularly. For a dentist, it’s easy to tell.
2. Dr. Tran loves answering all your questions. But sometimes timing can be an issue. If you have a major concern, you should call ahead and let the staff know or alert the staff right when you arrive so that they are better prepared.
1. We know your time with us is important; we appreciate you coming in. But for new patients, we advise you to dedicate two hours to being with us. A new set of teeth deserve a little more time for us to get to know!