Toothpaste Tips and Tricks 

It’s a typical routine: You run out of toothpaste, run to the nearest store, and wisely make a decision to get the biggest bang within your budget. Often, you will reach towards “whitening,” because who doesn’t want whiter teeth? With so many choices to choose from, toothpaste picking can be a challenge. We want to help you pick the best polish for your pearls, Here are five things to know about toothpaste:


5. Fluoride is your friend.

All dental hygienists agree. No matter what toothpaste you choose, fluoride is vital. Fluoride takes part in helping reduce tooth decay.  Fluoridated toothpaste should be avoided in children who are at risk for swallowing toothpaste.  Excessive fluoridation can cause an unsightly condition called fluorosis (a permanent white stain on the tooth).  To properly fluoridate, children should drink fluoridated water with a ratio of fluoride to water of 0.7 parts per million.  We don’t expect you to be able to measure this precisely so the best source of fluoride is from city water!  Never give fluoride supplements even in areas that do no fluoridate their water.

4. Whitening works…at the dentist.

Mostly all toothpaste promise perfect white teeth in a week, but do they really keep  their promise? You can use all the whitening toothpaste you want, but there is nothing that can dramatically brighten your smile like a professional teeth whitening.

3.Seal of Approval.

We are all sometimes a bargain shopper. But you should open the wallet a little when it comes to your teeth. Make sure that your toothpaste and mouthwash has an ADA Seal of Acceptance. That means it’s dentist-approved.

2. No need to overload.

Many people think that using toothpaste will increase your hygiene. Thank television for that! Realistically, less is more.  In fact, brushing technique is much more important than toothpaste.  You really just need a pea sized amount on your brush. Nothing more and nothing less.  The tough decision

1. Gels or pastes is the decision we all have to make. According to the experts, they all clean equally. It really comes down to personal preference.