Toothpaste Talk 


The Tooth Fairy and the dentist both say we should brush twice and floss daily. We believe them and we listen to them, so picking the perfect toothpaste is a must. We know we need toothpaste, but what do we really know about toothpaste? Let’s get toothpaste personal:

Things you didn’t know about toothpaste:


  • It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. The way you brush your teeth is more important than what expensive toothpaste you use.
  • Do you look at the ingredients? Detergents and some seaweed play a role in the magical ingredients in toothpaste.
  • When you think of organic, you automatically assume more expensive and overall better for you. In this case, regular toothpaste is just as efficient as organic.
  • Tony is a toothpaste genius. He did attend dental school and is aware of a few myths and tricks. If you have any oral health care questions or if you are torn between toothpaste give us a call.