What to Expect with your First Root Canal

If you’ve been to the dentist recently and found out that you may need a root canal, don’t stress. Root canals are a fairly routine procedure that dentists perform on a regular basis; you’ll be in good hands. With that in mind let’s get into what you can expect when getting your first root canal.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that is done to preserve a dead tooth, rather than pulling it out. The main reason for getting a root canal as opposed to getting a new implant is that it is simpler to preserve the now dead tooth because you’ll still benefit from having it there. Having a root canal done will make the tooth more brittle, and prone to breakage, that’s why most dentists recommend getting a crown on the tooth after the procedure.

The Pros and Cons

• You don’t have to extract the tooth.
• You get to keep your old tooth.
• You will not loose the existing bone around your tooth.
• There is no such thing as a completely clean root canal.
• The procedure is a few hours long
• It can be difficult to sit with your mouth open for that amount of time.

What to ask your Dentist before getting your root canal

• What are my options?
• What if I decide not to do the root canal?
• Should I do the implant instead?
• Will the infection spread to other teeth or to my bone?
• How predictable is the treatment?
• Should I have my root canal done by a specialist?

With this information in mind, and your dentist offering up their sound advice you should be feeling more comfortable in your decision to opt for a root canal, or to receive a new implant.