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Dentist Office Serving Houston TX

At Discover Dental, we pride ourselves on being the best dentist in Houston Texas. Our local patents look to us as their go to Houston Heights dentist. Our dentist office is run by Dr. Hoa Tony Tran, who specializes in both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Tran grew up in Texas, where he attended dental school. Some of our services include teeth whitening, dental implants, tooth extraction and more. Contact Dr. Tony Tran of Discover Dental today to learn about our various dental services!


General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry & Other Dental Procedures

Discover Dental provides a wide range of services to Houston TX as are proud to be the best dentist in Houston Texas! The strives daily to correct our patients smiles and maintain their gum health. Our patients are our first priority which is why emergency dental care is handled with the utmost quality and customer service. The search for a “dental clinic near me” has never been easier, with our team here to help you ever step of the way to your dream healthy smile.

Our dental services & dental procedures include:

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5 Teeth-Whitening Myths Busted!

Whitening Myths Busted Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy-looking smile. Sometimes brushing just isn’t enough to get rid of coffee stains and other discoloration on our teeth. To get that bright, white, camera-ready smile, people turn to many different remedies—both...

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How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Actually Change Your Life

What cosmetic dentistry consists of: Too often, people assume that cosmetic dentistry is only for vain individuals looking for an impossibly perfect smile. For some people, maybe a gorgeous Anne Hathaway grin is all the motivation they need. But cosmetic dentistry can...

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What Causes Toothaches?

What Causes Toothaches?   It can sometimes be a challenge for a dentist’s office like Discover Dental to convince patients that they need to come in regularly for teeth cleanings and check-ups. We never have to remind patients to visit us when they have a...

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Is Fixing a Chipped Tooth Really Necessary?

Is Fixing a Chipped Tooth Really Necessary?   Chipped teeth happen. When they do, many times patients come to see us at Discover Dental’s Heights office to get their smile repaired with cosmetic dentistry. Typically, it’s a quick, painless, affordable procedure...

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The Worst Drinks for Your Teeth

The Worst Drinks for Your Teeth  Everyone knows that certain foods are bad for your teeth, especially hard, sticky candy and sugary foods that get stuck between your teeth, such as corn. What often gets overlooked, however, is that some beverages can be worse for your...

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The Best Snacks for Your Teeth

The Best Snacks for Your Teeth  Almost everyone knows that sugary and acidic foods are not good for your teeth. Oftentimes, avoiding these enamel-eroding, cavity-causing foods is easy—at least at mealtime. Where most people run into problems is when they reach for a...

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